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New Persona OSTs join the catalog of video game soundtracks on Spotify


New Persona OSTs join the catalog of video game soundtracks on Spotify

Atlus has announced, from its Persona Channel site, that five (5) OSTs of the franchise Person —’spin-off- of Shin Megami Tensei will join the catalog of video game soundtracks on Spotify.

persona 3 portable Y Persona 4 Goldenof which we have a very useful guideare now available for all platforms.

2 years ago, Atlus added 11 franchise soundtracks Person to your catalog of video game OSTs on Spotify. All lists added in 2021, the year in which Person turned 25, correspond to the main soundtracks of Person 3, 4 and 5. In addition, the soundtracks of some of the ‘spin-off’ of Person they were added by Atlus to the different music platforms on demand.

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Guide to soundtracks (OST) of the franchise Person on Spotify

What are the five (5) OSTs of Person that Atlus added to Spotify and other music-on-demand platforms?

persona spotify soundtracks guide

We know that the franchise Person It stands out for the quality of its soundtracks or OST. So we hope that this list will serve as a guide to know which soundtracks or OST of Person They’re on Spotify.

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Other soundtracks or OSTs of the franchise video games Person they are on spotify

What soundtracks of Person Not yet available on Spotify and Apple Music?

persona spotify soundtracks guide

Not all music in the franchise Person It’s coming to Spotify, so This is the list of soundtracks that we expect Atlus to add to the music-on-demand platform during 2021.

  • Person 1
  • Persona 3 The Movie 1 Spring of Birth
  • P3 The Movie 2 Midsummer Knight’s Dream
  • P3 The Movie 3 Falling Down
  • peperson 3 The Movie 4 Winter of Rebirth
  • Persona -trinity soul-
  • P5:Royal
  • persona 5 strikers

What is your favorite song from the Atlus franchise? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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More franchise content Person in GamerFocus

At GamerFocus we have the occasional guide to specific aspects of some games in the franchise Person. So these are our 3 guides Person 5 Royal and the guide P4: Golden:

Via: Central Person

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