New PS Plus game got great reviews and you’ll get it tomorrow

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New PS Plus game got great reviews and you’ll get it tomorrow

Game, great, reviews, Tomorrow, youll

PS Plus Extra is about to have a real co-op hit with Moving Out 2.

It’s standard with Game Pass, with PS Plus it only happens in exceptional cases, but tomorrow it’s that time again: A brand new game will be released directly in Sony’s extra subscription level. Apparently, we are dealing with a real highlight: Moving Out 2 has already received a whole series of positive reviews in the first tests.

This is Moving Out 2

Do you like couch co-op games?  Then take a closer look at Moving Out 2

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Do you like couch co-op games? Then take a closer look at Moving Out 2

  • genre: Co-op multiplayer mayhem
  • platform: PS4 and PS5, but will also be released for Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X
  • release: August 15, 2023
  • Contained in: PS Plus Extra

That’s what it’s about: Moving Out 2 picks up right where part one left off. This means that in the sequel we will try to move again in co-op multiplayer. And anyone who has tried this in real life can imagine how difficult it is. We have to carry furniture together and break as little as possible.

But because that’s easier said than done and the respective dwellings and pieces of furniture represent a real challenge, an absolutely insane chaos unfolds within a very short time. Kind of like Overcooked, just not with cooking, but as a moving company.

This makes part 2 better: While Moving Out could only be played in local couch co-op (which is of course also really recommended), Moving Out 2 now also has online multiplayer, complete with crossplay and all the bells and whistles.

Reviews are very good: Both on Metacritic and Open Critic, the average ratings for the second moving chaos Moving Out 2 are very good with a score of 83 each. New ideas, the level desEsports Extrasand the expansion of the basic concept are praised, but the main criticism is that the co-op cracker alone is not great fun and can quickly become boring.

Starting tomorrow in the PS Plus Extra subscription: As was the case with Stray, for example, Moving Out 2 will also appear on Sony’s subscription service right after its regular launch date of August 15, 2023.

However, you can only enjoy the co-op play if you pay the PS Plus Extra subscription level, the Essential version does not include Moving Out 2. It has not yet been officially revealed whether Moving Out 2 will also be included in Xbox Game Pass at some point.

Are you looking forward to Moving Out 2 and grab three friends to get started tomorrow?

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