New PS5 update now live – and at least it brings something more than better system stability

Tom Henry

New PS5 update now live – and at least it brings something more than better system stability

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You can now download the new PS5 software update.

Attention: A new PS5 software update is out today! It bears the memorable version number 23.01-07.40.00 and is now available for download. As is so often the case, the patch does not bring any earth-shattering innovations to your PlayStation 5 consoles. However, the patch notes do not only list the obligatory improvement in system stability, but also another point.

  • Version number: 23.01-07.40.00
  • PS5 Software Update Size: 1,151GB
  • Accessible: From now on

What does today’s PlayStation 5 update bring?

Two entries can be read in the patch notes (via Pushsquare):

  • We have improved system software performance and stability.
  • We’ve improved the messages and usability on some screens.

So along with the usual improvement in system stability, there’s a small update to the user experience and a minor improvement in the messages. That’s all today’s patch has in store. There is no fresh update for the DualSense this time.

However, this does not exclude hidden changes in the current patch that have not yet come to light. For example, the PS5 system software with version number 7.01.01 brought a small database update:

How do I download the PS5 software update?

New system software updates are usually started automatically, as soon as you log in with your PSN profile, i.e. go online. Alternatively, simply open a game with an online function and you will be prompted to start the download.

If the patch does not download by itself, simply go to “System” in the settings, then “System software” and then to “Update and system software settings” to start downloading the patch.

Question for the GamePro community: Which PS5 patch has been your absolute favorite so far? I found version 23.01-07.20.00 really great… Yes, the question is of course not meant to be taken seriously.

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