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New RPG from the creators of Genshin Impact has a release date – Coming soon, but PS5 players will have to wait

The creators of Genshin Impact have announced a release date for their upcoming sci-fi RPG, but PS5 players will have to wait.

What kind of game is this? Honkai: Star Rail (PC, PlayStation, Mobile) is a free-to-play sci-fi RPG from the Chinese developer studio HoYoverse, best known for the successful gacha game Genshin Impact.


Honkai: Star Rail mixes science fiction with an anime style and sends you into space. You travel through the galaxy on a train, exploring different worlds and trying to resolve conflicts. You will encounter numerous puzzles and labyrinths that you have to solve.

In addition, Honkai: Star Rail relies on a turn-based combat system and various unlockable characters.

For another impression of the sci-fi RPG, we embed the dramatic trailer of Honkai: Star Rail here:


Dramatic Honkai: Star Rail Trailer Shows Off New RPG From Developers Genshin Impact

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Release as early as April, except for PlayStation players

When is the release? Honkai: Star Rail will be available on April 26th for PC on the Epic Games Store and mobile devices (Android, iOS).

A PlayStation version has also been confirmed. However, this is still in development and will not be published in April, but at a later date. There is currently no exact date for the PlayStation version.

If you’re interested in the sci-fi RPG, you’ve been able to pre-register for the release since February. Honkai: Star Rail now has over 10 million registrations.


By reaching over 5 million registrations, the developers are offering all players a variety of rewards, such as 50,000 credits, the 4-star Serval character, and 15 Star Rail passes.

If you’re a Genshin Impact fan and are interested in other HoYoverse games, besides Honkai: Star Rail you might also be interested in the upcoming action RPG Zenless Zone Zero.

The creators of Genshin Impact show their new action RPG Zenless Zone Zero in the trailer


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