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New Sifu Trailer Teases Next Free Expansion Arenas Coming This March

Sifu’s new expansion, sandswill be available from 28th March 2023. This has been confirmed by the study sloclap through an action-packed trailer that shows the entire universe of the title in detail. Sifu pre-orders are now available on Xbox.

Arenas has nine locations and forty-five challenges ruthless divided into five game modes that add ten more playable hours.

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Kung-fu masters will be pushed to the limit as waves of enemies descend on them in “Survival Mode”, or they will have to reach perfection in “Performance Mode”. With the “Time Trial mode”, players will also be able to fight against time on a path full of enemies. In addition, players looking for more excitement in combat can try the new “Capture Mode” where players must take and hold a marked area or “Hunt Mode” where a specific surrounded target must be taken down. of protectors.

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In any of these modes, the player will discover different settings, such as rain-drenched alleyways, as they engage in deathmatch with enemies.

Sifu is a game about revenge, where players take on the role of a young kung-fu student Pak Mei who, after the murder of his master, embarks on an epic quest for revenge. But revenge comes at a price: defeat and the power of a mystical talisman. With each failure, players will be resurrected, older and wiser, though with fewer years to spare than before.

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