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New Street Fighter 6 Trailers Introduce World Tour Mode And Post-Launch Characters

Capcom I was so excited to show off Street Fighter 6 that we had already seen the full roster of all 18 characters back in September of last year, but many fans noticed that the roster was missing four well-known fighters that had been leaked. Now we know why.

As expected, all four will be added post-launch, as long as you’re willing to pay for them or buy the Deluxe or Ultimate editions of Street Fighter 6. Rashid will be the first when this summer arrives, and then we will have HERE this fall before Ed be ready to fight sometime in the “winter of 2024”. However, they may have saved the best for last in terms of the first year, as Akuma will put the icing on the cake next spring.


You might be upset that these four fighters won’t be immediately available on June 2, so Capcom has decided to remind us that Street Fighter 6 has an extensive avatar creator, and you’ll be able to use it while exploring the game. world tour and you fight, as we see in the new trailer. Hopefully this means you’ll be able to create someone who looks a little like your favorite ‘Street Fighter’ in the meantime.

You can already check out the trailer for all four fighters, World Tour, and the character creator below.

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