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New survival MMO on Steam comes from a German story genius – First test starts in March

Hauke ​​Gerdes became known as the leader of pen and paper games for the Rocket Beans and as the inventor of his own fantasy worlds. Now he’s bringing one of those worlds to gamers as a survival MMO on Steam: Coreborn.

What kind of game is this? Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore is set in the fantastical world of Tormentosia, where various races are in constant conflict. However, Sogoth, an alien villain, ensures that they must bond.

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To protect themselves, the peoples have created a “core” that shields the inner world. Everything around it is still dangerous because Sogoth’s henchmen are lurking there. You play a resident of Tormentiosa and are supposed to make the world livable again.

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This works in an apparently Valheim-like survival game with classic gameplay elements from survival games and MMOs, such as:

  • the city of Coreheim as a player hub to make new friends
  • Build your own home or even village in the world with appropriate building system
  • a combat system in which the 6 different races bring different advantages
  • Enemies that threaten you and from which you get strong loot
  • a profession system in which you can continue to improve your profession
  • Hunger, poison and cold as survival aspects
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In addition, Coreborn will run on Unreal Engine 5, but offers playful comic graphics with some wacky characters.

You can see a first gameplay trailer for the game here:


Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore – The Gameplay Trailer


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When and where can I play Coreborn? According to the official Discord, Coreborn will be released for PC, consoles and mobile with crossplay.

However, we do not yet know when exactly Coreborn will appear. It says: “We are aiming for 2023/2024”.

There is also no information about the price model so far, but according to the Steam page there are “in-game purchases”. A first test is already pending in March on Steam. You can already register for the test directly via the Steam page.


New Survival MMO – First test in March

What is ultra core anyway? Behind the game is the world “Ultracore” designed by Hauke ​​Gerdes. Hauke ​​used to work as a community manager at the German gaming channel Rocket Beans TV, where he established the pen and paper format “Toughe Jungs, spitze Stifte”, among other things.

Among other things, he created the worlds TEARS, BEARDS and Ultracore.

The creation of the world of Ultracore took place in a multi-part series of broadcasts in a pen and paper round at the Rocket Beans, in which Hauke ​​appears as the game master.


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Ultracore is based on the open source “How to be a Hero” ruleset. The idea of ​​the world is that different races work together to create and maintain the eponymous “Ultracore”.

There is also a story trailer for Coreborn that explains the world in more detail:


Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore – The Story Trailer


More videos


The Coreborn underlying Pen&Paper set of rules can be downloaded free of charge from the official website. If you want to take a look at the races and the world, the ruleset is a good starting point.

At Coreborn, Hauke ​​serves as co-founder of the studio behind the game, Blankhans, and as inventor of the actual world. The studio is based in Munich.

Will you watch the game?


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