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New Survival MMO on Steam is a mix of Fallout and Halo – Launches beta for everyone in May

With Dysterra, a new survival MMO from Korea is coming to us in the west. It’s reminiscent of a mix between Fallout 76 and the gunplay and world of Halo. There was already a closed beta on Steam in 2021 and it will be open to all players in May.

What kind of game is this? In Dysterra you should collect resources and food, build a protective home and generally fight for your survival. The game relies on a futuristic SciFi setting:

  • You explore a beautifully designed world in the first-person perspective.
  • The radiation and the fluctuations in temperature bother you. The biggest problem is the recurring “Terra fires”, which are caused by the fact that people have pre-drilled to the core of the earth.
  • Fighting is mainly done with firearms, which you can create and improve with the help of crafting. However, there will also be melee weapons, including a souped-up mech arm.
  • In the world you can find various vehicles with which you can move around.
  • The focus is on PvE and cooperation between players, but there will also be PvP.
  • The construction system is very reminiscent of Fallout 76, because you should be able to improvise a lot. For example, you build a grill out of scrap metal in order to prepare the meat of animals on it.

The game is being developed by Reality MagiQ, a Korean studio. The publisher Kakao Games (ArcheAge, Elyon) is bringing it to the West.

When will Dysterra appear? The survival MMO appears on Steam, although there is no specific release date yet. However, there will be an open beta in May that everyone can participate in.

This trailer gives you a first glimpse of the gameplay:

Trailer for the new survival MMO Dysterra

Everyone can play for free for two weeks

What is this beta? From May 4th to May 17th, all players who register on Dysterra’s official Steam page can participate in the beta.

A beta for Dysterra already took place in 2021, but only players with a key could participate. Now all players can join the survival action.

What has changed since the last beta? A lot, says Kakao Games. The developers have revised the UI and the power of the attacks, for example, and improved the animation of the characters in the game with their own motion capture.

There are also updates in the main region of the map, which have been heavily revised compared to the first test.

Did you play Dysterra in the first beta? Does the setting appeal to you or are you fed up with SciFi survival games? Feel free to write it in the comments.

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