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New Tales from the Borderlands: Gearbox Software shows 20 minutes of gameplay

In a new trailer too New Tales from the Borderlands Publisher 2K and the Gearbox Software development team introduce the characters of the adventure. In another video you can see the characters in action in a continuous game scene of almost 20 minutes.

<p><strong>New Tales from the Borderlands </strong>is developed by Gearbox Software. Former employees of Telltale Games were hired for the game <strong>Tales from the Borderlands </strong>worked. You want to go together <strong>New Tales from the Borderlands </strong>tell a whole new story.<br/></p>
<p>The development team emphasizes that every decision has an impact on how the story develops. There are often unexpected twists and turns here. The quick-time events, where you have to react at the right time, should also have a concrete effect on the course of the game.</p>
<p>On the technical side, a lot of work is said to have gone into the character animations. For this purpose, a <strong>Borderlands</strong>-Game performance capturing and facial mapping technologies applied.</p>
<p>In the center of <strong>New Tales from the Borderlands </strong>stand Anuradha "Anu" Dhar, her adoptive brother Ocatvio, as does Fran. While Anu dreams of a universe that is about more than just weapons, Octavio dreams of fame and fortune. Fran, on the other hand, longs for revenge. The decisions of the players should determine whether the characters finally get what they long for.</p><p>

New Tales from the Borderlands Releases October 21 for current consoles and PC.

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