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New to Xbox? Take a look at these tips to start using the console – Xbox

Okay, you’re new to Xbox and you’re launching an Xbox Series S or an Xbox Series X. Right now, a lot of things are going to be overwhelming. It is not just arriving and putting a disc to play as it happened with previous machines; now you have a whole world of opportunities, and perhaps most of them you do not know.


So, very possibly you have landed on this website looking for help for your new console. For this reason, I want to tell you some things that perhaps you did not know about your new machine and that it may be interesting for you to understand in order to get the most out of it. If you come with me, I’ll explain it to you quickly.

Xbox is backwards compatible

Microsoft’s console is backwards compatible, which means you can play games from other older Xbox consoles. This includes Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Original Xbox. The emulation on this console is transparent to the user, but in the background there is a process that involves porting part of the original game code. Therefore, the program to bring games from the Original Xbox and Xbox 360 is already closed, but you have more than 500 compatible and 100% functional games in this list.


With Xbox One things are easier, basically all Xbox One games can be played on Xbox Series X and Series S. Also, you should know that Microsoft has promised that all future consoles will also be compatible with each other, so your game history will travel with you in time if you continue betting on the brand.

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Xbox backward compatibility covers even controllers, since Xbox One controllers are compatible with Xbox Series, and vice versa. Here some relevant data:

  • backwards compatible games:686.
  • Games with FPS Boost:98.
  • Xbox One games compatible with Xbox Series: More than 2000 games.

Xbox Series features FPS Boost

This feature is exclusive to “Series” models, so it does not apply to One or One X. Roughly speaking, many older games will be able to double the frame rate per second and their resolution, reaching up to 4K in many cases. . The list of games is not Esports Extrasntic, but interesting enough for you to at least know about it.

I leave the complete and updated list here, so you can take a look.


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