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New World developers explain in the video how difficult it is to make an MMORPG

It’s one of the most normal things in the gaming industry: players want certain content for their favorite game, but it just doesn’t come. In a video, three developers from New World now talk about why developing some content is not that easy.


what is this video In a new video posted to New World’s official YouTube channel, three developers from Amazon Games talk about their work on the .. They explain why the implementation of new features and the general development of an . is difficult and go into the time factor.

Who is speaking in the video? In the video, three Amazon Games employees directly involved in the development of New World speak:

  • The roundtable will be hosted by New World Game Director Scot Lane.
  • Alongside him is Senior Gameplay Engineer Scott Geiser
  • and creative director Dave Verfaillie.
New World: Forged in Aeternum – Why some features are difficult

new world Why not 20,000 players per server?

What do the developers say? Right at the beginning of the conversation, Lane asks why they don’t let 20,000 play on each server.

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Geiser then says that sometimes it’s “a technical challenge” and sometimes “a gameplay issue”. The requirements that would come with such a switch could cause lag.

Verfaillie then points out that such a high player count would not work with the game’s design. As an example, he cites farming resources, especially the rare ones, and what it would be like if 30,000 players were trying to get such a resource.


In the course of the conversation, Scot Lane then talks about working on possible new content and says:

Rest assured, we still want to bring in fun stuff. Yes, really fast. But not at the risk of breaking things.

“It adds a lot of work”

The problems when creating new content: Creatice Director Verfaillie then talks about saving armor sets. He knows that everyone wants to change gear. But that certainly also applies to attributes or weapon mastery. According to Verfaillie, that raises the question of whether to release everything together or just the gear first so they can roll out the change faster.

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Geiser then states that you also have to consider the technical requirements when storing gear sets: “If you have hundreds of people on your screen and everyone is constantly changing their gear, that’s a lot of stuff / data that we send and they ‘pipes’ can clog.”


Another question Verfaillie brings up is “why don’t we just make a different weapon?” He then goes on to say that a weapon triggers an effect that “spanws things”. According to him, this in turn affects the game.

Lane adds that there are balancing issues to consider, and that each new weapon requires new animations and sound effects. Add to that the creation of named items, adds Verfaillie, noting, “So it just adds a lot of work.”


“Easy” is not the same as “fast”

Why do simple supplements take a long time? At the end of the conversation, Lane explains that the most important factor of the work is not the difficulty, but the time. According to him, some things are “super easy” but take a long time – especially if you value high quality.

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Lane says he tells friends who aren’t game developers to search the internet for the ‘door problem’, elaborating: “A designer goes to an engineer and says, ‘I want to put a door in.’ And he says, ‘Oh, does the door open and close? can you go through the door Does it open from the left or does it open from the right? Is it lockable?’”

Lane would like to use the example to make it clear that even an action that seems simple raises numerous questions that need to be clarified. Verfaillie then adds that “easy” and “fast” are not the same and gives a suitable comparison:


“It’s easy to count to a million…”