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New World gets the biggest update yet in July – Brings new dungeon and musical instruments

The next big patch for New World will be released in July, which can be tried out on the PTR server from June 23rd. This update focuses on new content, but also a number of revisions. There is something for every type of player.

What are the highlights in the July update?

  • There is a new event for anglers running throughout the summer.
  • The new dungeon Barnacles and Gunpowder will be released. Two weeks after the release, the mutations for it should also be published directly.
  • The dungeons are generally heavily revised. There will be a dungeon finder, the voice balls to enter will be abolished and the loot will be revised.
  • Five musical instruments with 31 songs will be released. You have to collect the songs and they give you and the listening buffs for 30 to 90 minutes.
  • Territory wars get new technology to eliminate latency issues.
  • Over 150 perks on equipment will be reworked, either to make them more useful or to remove bugs.
  • For dismantling items there is now a chance to get additional materials or even balls for plaster casts.
  • The XP required for crafting is reduced at many levels to reach 200 faster

When will the update appear? The new patch is scheduled to be released in July. There is no specific release date yet. However, you can already test the update from today. The PTR server will open on June 23rd at 19:00 GMT.

If you are interested in how the New World is currently doing, you can read this article:

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New World gets 5 musical instruments and they sound really cool

What are these instruments? July’s patch is called Summer Medleyfaire and fittingly brings five instruments:

  • guitar
  • mandolin
  • double bass
  • drums
  • Azoth Flute

You can craft the instruments as a carpenter and use them to play songs anywhere in Aeternum. However, you must first find and unlock these 31 songs. If you own the songs, you can play music together with up to five other players.

Each musical performance brings experience points and buffs. The spectators, in turn, also get the buffs and can throw coins to the musicians as tips. The bonuses for the musicians and viewers are also considerable:

  • Nimble fingers: Gathering speed increases by 75% for 30 to 90 min.
  • territory triumph: Territory reputation bonus increases by 10 to 30% for 30 to 90 min.
  • Now all together: Group Character EXP partial bonus increases by 4-15% for 30 to 90 min.
  • song in step: Reduces the burden by 200-1000 for 30 to 90 min.
  • favor of fate: Gathering yield increases by 3-10% for 30 to 90 min.
  • lucky hunt: Gathering luck increases by 2-5% for 30 to 90 min.
New World Instruments
A band in the world of New World.

Revisions to dungeons and the new dungeon finder

What is this new dungeon? Barnacles and Gunpowder will be a new dungeon located in the Cutlass Reef area. You fight there against an admiral of the corrupted. This instance is said to be “endgame content”. The coming weeks will show how difficult the dungeon is compared to previous instances.

Two weeks after the release, the new dungeon should get the mutations directly. Three new mutations will also be released:

  • Icebound: A mutation that focuses on ice elemental effects related to damage taken and dealt. She can also cast slowing status effects!
  • Brutally: A set that includes mana drains and silent zones where skills cannot be used for a short time.
  • frenzied: Curses evasive players. The curses stack and deal damage over time. Maximum stacks also deal damage to nearby allies.

New World just released the new dungeon Heart of Storms in March. You can find the trailer for it here:

New World introduces the biggest update since its release in the trailer – with a new dungeon

How does the dungeon finder work? This new tool only applies to the server you are on. You can either walk to the dungeon entrance or click on an icon on the map. Then you can create a group search or apply for a group search:

  • You can specify your preferred role on the team, such as DD, Tank, or Healer.
  • You can also set minimum armor and level values ​​for the character.
  • As the creator of a group, you can see the average armor value, which weapons and how much skill in the weapons your group members have. This is to prevent someone from applying to be a tank but actually being a DD.

What’s next without voice balls? The biggest change for dungeons will be the elimination of voice balls. Until now, you needed this to enter a dungeon. In the future, however, there are simply restrictions:

  • You can experience 15 Normal Expeditions per day (105 per week)
  • You can visit 25 mutated expeditions per week

If you still have old tuning balls when the patch appears, you will get a chest with the loot from the side boss and main boss of the instance and 50% of the former purchase price. Mutated Orbs grant 4 boss rolls for each qualified mutator.

New World dungeon depth
A screenshot from the dungeon Deep.

What is changing in the loot? Basically, you get 80% less thalers in dungeons than before. In return, you will now receive more munny for completing the first two breaches (the open world events) per day.

In the dungeons you also get a new material: Matter. You can use it to craft the dungeon equipment that you actually want faster. Matter is awarded for defeating the final boss and for dismantling expedition items.

In addition, the loot from mutators will be revised. Even in the lower levels there should now be better loot. Each mutator also now drops all accessory types.

There are also a number of bug fixes for old dungeons, including reset bugs and issues with fights being reset.

New perks, bug fixes and revisions

What is changing with the perks? In New World there are a number of perks that are not used. Amazon has also recognized this. Over 150 effects will be reworked – some just get stronger, others will be completely changed. The complete patch notes can be found in the New World forums.

Initial reactions to the changes are very positive. Players hope for a new meta and with it a break from the previous builds.

What is changing in crafting? There will no longer be different ranks for reagents such as tanning agents or emulsifying salts. This is to reduce confusion as to which level of reagent to use for which item.

Amazon is also revising the required experience points for many crafting professions:

  • Going from level 1 to level 200 in Leatherworking now requires 10% less XP.
  • Going from level 1 to level 200 in Smelting now requires 10% less XP.
  • Going from level 1 to level 200 in Weaving now requires 15% less XP.
  • Going from level 1 to level 200 in Woodworking now requires 15% less XP.
  • Going from level 1 to level 200 in Stonemasonry now requires 20% less XP.
  • Going from level 1 to level 200 in Carpentry now requires 20% less XP

The XP for weaponsmithing and carpentry are also to be adjusted, but are not yet implemented on the PTR, at least in the first version.

Collect New World bears

What else does the patch bring? Overall, the loot for players at level 60 should also be better. The chance of epic and legendary loot is increased. In addition, more rare and epic loot should come from plaster casts.

Amazon is also adjusting how items are broken down. Whenever you disassemble an item, you have a chance at a “perfect disassembly.” This can bring the following:

  • Research materials (like weapon pieces) that you can use to gain experience for crafting skills
  • Special orbs that you can turn into plaster casts that bypass the normal daily limit
  • Materials for crafting special items
  • other raw materials

There are also further adjustments to the enemy AI, balance changes to the weapons and over 70 bug fixes. The new PvP arenas are also being worked on. Among other things, you can now bring your own buff food with you, but it will not be consumed when you use it.

What are your thoughts on the New World update? Does any of this lure you back or does the . remain uninteresting for you? Feel free to write it in the comments.

The update for the new PvP arenas was only released in May, which initially created a good atmosphere: New World: New update brings arenas and positive Steam reviews – player numbers remain alarmingly low

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