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New World presents its roadmap for 2023: Seasons, battle pass, more content…

Amazon Games has released the Roadmap of New Worldits MMO for PC, facing 2023. The company’s plans range from the next major update, which will take place on March 28, until winter of this year (although they anticipate that the sheet is subject to change and does not include everything). planned content).

The main thing about this roadmap is that New World will receive seasons from March 28. This implies that there will also be a battle pass (called ‘season pass’ here) with a free track and a premium track (paid, with a price of 20,000 fortune marks). Each of the tracks of the season pass it will have 100 levels that will be unlocked as we earn season EXP in missions, faction missions, town projects, expedition leaders, outpost assaults, 3v3 arena and more.

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This will be the first season of New World

every season of New World It will last an estimated three months. The first season, Brotherhood and Firestart on March 28 with the following content:

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  • New history: The Silver Ravens
  • New expedition: empyrean forge
  • New Soul Gem Ability: Fire storm
  • New mechanic: Equipment Set Storage
  • Revamped Weavers’ Marsh and Shining Forest main story quests
  • Seasonal Events: Revenge of the Rabbits, Spring Bloom and Rage of the Forest Spirits
Capture of New World.

Worth New World?

New World is available on PC from September 2021. In vandal we were able to play it thoroughly to tell you in our impressions that “we are facing a very special MMO and different from what we were used to, a breath of fresh air with combat typical of an action gamea PVP approach that suits him wonderfully and encourages confrontations between players, a more open and free character progression system than in other titles of the genre and mechanics of survival, collection and creation of objects”.

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Under these lines you can see a gallery with new images of New World.


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