New zombie MMO reveals release date on Steam: Looks much better in the new trailer than feared

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new zombie mmo reveals release date on steam: looks much

There’s news of The Day Before, a zombie MMO that reminds many of The Division. The game is now back on Steam, has resolved its naming issue and is setting release as an early access title on December 7th. The launch trailer looks much better than many feared. A version of The Day Before for PS5 and Xbox Series X is also apparently planned.

That’s the news:

  • The Day Before says (via tweet), they won their naming dispute and will actually be called “The Day Before.” The game is also back on Steam.
  • The planned release will be postponed from November 11th to December 7th, 2023 and will initially “only” start as an early access title. The release had already been postponed; it was actually planned for March 2023. There is currently no longer any talk of an announced beta.
  • The game will cost $39 in early access and the price will rise to $49 when the final release comes. The official launch of The Day Before should take place as soon as the game is running optimally and we are sure that we can offer the best possible version. Then versions for the “next-gen” consoles will also appear, which probably means PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The Day Before gives new impressions in the final trailer

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Trailer shows housing and a lot of weapons

This is what you can see in the release trailer: 3 minutes of new gameplay has been uploaded to IGN. The style is strongly based on games like The Division or Escape from Tarkov:

  • You should be able to earn the currency “Woodbury Coins” through quests and accept various missions.
  • Housing is also planned, in its own ranch, and you can see the “spa elements” that caused trouble in advance, but also cars that you should be able to buy in The Day Before.
  • The developers also promise weapons with unique firing and recoil behavior.

What is the general mood? The trailer looks good, but the mood towards the game is skeptical and even hostile. In general, people probably don’t trust the roast because too many “red flags” have been discovered in the last few months, which have deterred many players.

The postponement of the release was no longer a big surprise; hardly anyone expected that “The Day Before” would actually be released on November 11th after a long period of silence. Some also suspect that the release was postponed to avoid the launch of Call of Duty on November 10th.

However, the price of $39 in Early Access is criticized by some as “too high”.

But it is clear that many players are looking forward to a game like “The Divsion with Zombies” and will certainly be watching to see how The Day Before ultimately performs.

Zombie MMO that looks like The Division will appear on Steam in a few days – that’s what the team says now

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