News in the theft of data from Sony: The company has initiated an investigation after the hacker group’s statement

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news in the theft of data from sony: the company

A group of hackers published a statement yesterday in which they claimed to have accessed “all Sony systems”, adding that they had managed to steal around 6,000 files that are already for sale on the Internet. Now the company has stated that They have opened an investigation processalthough they have not shared additional details.

Speaking to IGN, sony has confirmed that they are already investigating this assumption hacking and data theft: “We are currently investigating the situation, We have no further comments to make. right now,” the company has concluded.

It is real hacking to Sony?

Although Sony has neither confirmed nor denied that the hacking be real, The group of hackers has published evidence that they have actually managed to access the company’s systems. However, it seems that those who have seen them play down the matter and assure that it is not a very serious robbery.

The hackers They have put the package of stolen documents up for sale and claim that If no one buys them before September 28, they will publish all the files stolen. They have made this decision after Sony wanted to pay to prevent the leak of this material, which is around 6,000 items (according to experts, a not too high amount considering that it is supposed to cover “all Sony systems”).

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