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AMD Ryzen 8000G: BIOS updates to prevent Drosselung



Aufmacher AMD mit ewig langem Namen damit es keine Dopplungen gibt 8700G 8600G pcgh

AMD Ryzen 8000G BIOS updates to prevent Drosselung

New BIOS updates for AMD Ryzen 8000G (“Hawk Point”) solve the problems with STAPM (“Skin Temperature Aware Power Management”) and also allow the new desktop APUs to function. As a mainboard repairer, MSI is active in the installation and installation of additional components for AM5 mainboards as a beta version.

STAPM can handle Ryzen 8000G

The CPU feature STAPM (“Skin Temperature Aware Power Management”) ensures that you can take care of your own laptops – use your notebooks – so that you can avoid having to worry about mobile chips with the Ryzen 8040 (“Hawk Point”) as your own. New BIOS updates are required to ensure that these functions do not work for desktop APUs that are active and that they are active.

STAPM reduces the Package Power Target

Who Gamers Nexus Please inform us first about the features that reduce power consumption and also reduce the power consumption of both desktop APUs and reduce the maximum Package Power Target (“PPT”) from 88 to 65 Watts. Damit could not use the Ryzen 8000G in CPU tests for maximum performance. The test of PCGH could indicate the signal concerned; entsprechende Night tests since in Planung.

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