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Asus and MSI extended warranties



After all, LG has extended the warranty for the OLED monitor, and will now follow this with Asus. The external features include an OLED monitor with a long warranty, including burn-in. Instructions for the model PG34WCDM and PG32UCDM. At this moment there is no guarantee that the guarantee text will be fully valid, and that the conditions for the guarantee will be satisfied. LG provided the guarantee for private and safe use. Letzteres always have an interpretation game. Asus will soon have new features.

Information about burn-in: LG provides warranty coverage for OLED monitors

Please note that Asus also has MSI that extends the warranty for OLED monitors and covers for burn-in. The market seems to be very busy, as the Hersteller here in the Offensive goes. MSI OLED Care is required for the models MAG 271QPX QD-OLED, MAG 321UPX QD-OLED, MAG 341CQP QD-OLED, MPG 271QRX QD-OLED, MPG 321URX QD-OLED, MPG 491CQP QD-OLED, MEG 342C QD-OLED.

Also, since these exact conditions are not clear, aber MSI shows a function on behalf of “OLED Care” in which the software will be integrated, and the guarantee is not guaranteed. “It is important to note that the 'MSI OLED Care – Panel Protect' will be effective after the additional use of the panels within 4 hours”, according to the warranty description. And moreover, the guarantee is not accepted, if “the standard MSI OLED care function (…) is always active, it will be possible to provide other functions such as this.”


Alienware is available for a model with Samsung's QD-OLED panel and comes with a three-year warranty including burn-in cover. It is interesting to consider that you would like to get started with LG, and that you will also receive new models that will provide you with an extended warranty – including 32 large UHD-OLED and 27 large WQHD-OLED with 240 and 480 Hertz in FHD.

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