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After 10 years, Final Fantasy XIV is still available for Xbox – but everything is possible. How about a setup for a Nintendo console? For the Switch, it is not possible to use it more, but the Nachfolge-Konsole steht bekanntlich in the Startlöchern. Naoki Yoshida was truly happy.

Plan for starting Final Fantasy Naoki Yoshida has already read and enjoyed Final Fantasy

With Easy Allies, Naoki Yoshida spoke about the idea. They said that they “love, enjoy the title on the Nintendo Platform when they live”, said Nintendo Everything. More than ever they have seen their memories, so fans can enjoy the MMORPG without having to play games. Man has spent his years on the Xbox and “naturally lived with the title of the Nintendo platform available” – man wanted to be happy with it.

Naoki Yoshida needs everything else, who has long taken the Xbox version into account. “Buchstäblich jahrelang” habe man darüber spoken, you will first realize this version.

Pünktlich zur Dawntrail bietet Square Enix übrigens die Final Fantasy XIV: 10th Anniversary Edition* an. Für PCs natürlich. This edition offers a great experience and a rewarding experience in the MMORPG. Enthalten is the Starter Edition with the basic game and the first two experiences. You will find Ingame Goodies and a Mauspad in Mogry Design.

via GameRant, Bildmaterial: Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix

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