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The KI feature Nvidia RTX Video HDR with Geforce graphics, which can be used with a Geforce RTX 2000, Geforce RTX 3000 or Geforce RTX 4000 with tensor cores, does not transform the videos from Standard Dynamic Range (“SDR”) into Real Time in High Dynamic Range (“HDR”), excluding HDR with dynamic dynamics and automatic play in all games. The following instructions are given by the Mod “NvTrueHDR“, die Spiele auf Basis der Programmingschnittstellen DirectX 9, 10, 11 und 12 unterstützt.


A better Auto-HDR for all games

Who cares about the Guru3D website Anyway, that's Subreddit r/nvidia Message was given, so that the HDR modification can be performed, which is integrated into Windows 11 feature “Auto-HDR”, but that is also useful. Selbstverständlich based on these mods with a native HDR implementation and the best hardware features, including a Geforce RTX 2000 (“Turing”), Geforce RTX 3000 (“Ampere”) or Geforce RTX 4000 (“Ada”) Lovelace”) with the tensor cores in accordance with the law.

Mod schaltet verstecktes Treiber-Features frei

The Mod has a bislang version of the available features, which can be used with the AI ​​training algorithms, which can be used with Nvidia RTX Video HDR to be able to use the video material with the input, in all play with the graphics APIs DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 activates. OpenGL and Vulkan “solve” the problem solving functions, including the mod.

Mod erhält fell Lob on Reddit

The comments on Reddit, which mods have been tested, messages, which are of great interest to Windows Auto-HDR as well. Die Leistungseinbußen je nach Titel zu variieren, halten sich jedoch in Grenzen. Some legends, that's the feature of “nahezu natives HDR-Erlebnis” bieten. Under OpenGL and Vulkan brauche see more feedback. The implementation is set according to the following framework conditions:

  • Windows 11 with Windows Display Driver Model (“WDDM”) 3.1
  • Nvidia Geforce Game Ready Driver 551.23 (above)
  • Nvidia RTX Video HDR activates in graphics
  • Disable Auto-HDR in Windows 11

Were the provided Treiber-Feature with the Hilfe der Mod only possible to try, it can also be used with the Modding-Plattform NexusMods orientation and automatic HDR testing.


Quelle: Nexus Mods (Screenshot: PCGH)

Im Forum von Guru3D The effects of play and the best parameters and image settings, which are especially important for the development of HDR in play and modality.

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Quelle: NexusModsGuru3D via VideoCardz

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