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How to Buy PUBG Mobile UC, Upgrade Gun Skins, and Account Unbanning



PUBG Mobile, developed by Tencent Games, is one of the most popular battle royale games globally. With its realistic graphics, immersive gameplay, and constant updates, it has garnered millions of active users. This comprehensive guide will cover essential aspects of the game, including how to buy UC (Unknown Cash), upgrade gun skins, the latest PUBG Mobile season updates, and how to unban your PUBG Mobile account.

How to Buy UC in PUBG Mobile

UC (Unknown Cash) is the in-game currency in PUBG Mobile, used to purchase various items, including skins, outfits, emotes, and the Royale Pass. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy UC:


Methods to Purchase UC

  1. In-Game Purchase:
    • Step 1: Open PUBG Mobile and navigate to the main lobby.
    • Step 2: Tap on the UC icon located at the top-right corner of the screen.
    • Step 3: Select the amount of UC you wish to purchase.
    • Step 4: Choose your preferred payment method (credit card, debit card, Google Play balance, etc.).
    • Step 5: Complete the payment process. The UC will be credited to your account instantly.
  2. Third-Party Websites:
    • Several websites offer UC at discounted rates. Ensure you use a reputable site to avoid scams.
    • Popular third-party websites include Midasbuy and Codashop.

How to Upgrade Gun Skins in PUBG Mobile

Upgrading gun skins not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your weapons but also unlocks special effects and kill messages. Here’s how you can upgrade your gun skins:

Steps to Upgrade Gun Skins

  1. Obtain Materials:
    • Paint: Used for basic upgrades.
    • Materials: Required for higher-level upgrades.
    • Scraps and Tokens: Can be used to purchase Paint and Materials.
  2. Access the Lab:
    • Step 1: Go to the main lobby and tap on the ‘Inventory’ tab.
    • Step 2: Select the gun skin you want to upgrade and tap on the ‘Upgrade’ option.
    • Step 3: Use Paint and Materials to upgrade the skin to the desired level.
  3. Upgrade Levels:
    • Each skin has multiple upgrade levels, each offering unique benefits such as kill effects, loot crate appearance, and advanced firing effects.

Latest PUBG Mobile Season

PUBG Mobile seasons are highly anticipated by players, offering new content, rewards, and challenges. The latest season continues to enhance the gaming experience with exciting updates.

New Features in the Latest Season

  1. Royale Pass:
    • New missions and exclusive rewards for Royale Pass holders.
    • Tier rewards include new outfits, skins, and emotes.
  2. Map Updates:
    • Introduction of new maps or updates to existing ones, enhancing gameplay dynamics.
    • Special themed events and modes specific to the season.
  3. Weapons and Vehicles:
    • New weapons and vehicles added to the arsenal.
    • Balancing updates to ensure fair gameplay.
  4. Events and Challenges:
    • Time-limited events offering unique rewards.
    • Seasonal challenges that provide players with extra UC and rare items.

How to Unban Your PUBG Mobile Account

Having your PUBG Mobile account banned can be frustrating, but there are steps you can take to get it unbanned.


Steps to Unban Your Account

  1. Identify the Reason for the Ban:
    • Common reasons include the use of unauthorized third-party apps, suspicious account activity, and violation of the game’s terms of service.
  2. Submit an Appeal:
    • Step 1: Go to the PUBG Mobile support page.
    • Step 2: Fill out the appeal form with necessary details such as player ID, in-game name, and the reason for the ban.
    • Step 3: Provide a detailed explanation and any supporting evidence to justify the appeal.
    • Step 4: Submit the appeal and wait for a response from the support team.
  3. Contact Customer Support:
    • If the appeal process does not resolve the issue, contact PUBG Mobile customer support directly via email or social media platforms.
  4. Avoid Future Bans:
    • Ensure you follow the game’s terms of service.
    • Avoid using cheats, hacks, or unauthorized third-party applications.



PUBG Mobile continues to evolve, offering players new and exciting features with each update. Understanding how to buy UC, upgrade gun skins, stay updated with the latest season, and handle account bans is crucial for an enhanced gaming experience. Follow the steps and guidelines provided in this article to make the most out of your PUBG Mobile journey.


By staying informed and adhering to the game’s guidelines, you can enjoy a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience in the world of PUBG Mobile.

This comprehensive guide should provide you with all the necessary information to enhance your PUBG Mobile experience. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your arsenal, stay updated with the latest season, or recover a banned account, these steps will help you navigate the game effectively

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