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Nervous Problem im Schiffseditor aufgetaucht



Starfield fans must be aware of their current problems, but they are still small with the Schiffseditor. The problem is a feature, which means that the fans will always want to have them. But it is important to update that the problem is still changing.

Frustrierte Starfield-Spieler: Raumschiff-Editor dupliziert Gegenstände

Starfield has a wide range of editors, with different views and a wide range of raw materials and welding. The Community was the editor of the Largest and Ganzen own body. But it is also a matter of personal aspects with the surroundings in Starfield, who view themselves from the Gegenstände, which reside in the surroundings. So bald Spieler ihr Starfield-Raumschiff modified woolen, all free places were ableged in the Frachtraum. Since all the decorative elements of the interiors are natural, then all relevant elements must be fully incorporated into the structure.

Ein Beitrag im Starfield Subreddit verdeutlicht, that's the problem with the last big update in February so it's not going away. The player in question thought about it, because they were affected by modifications of their environment and style. But that is not the case with the Fall and the recurring Decorations-Items were now duplicated, so that they could be arranged in the Frachtraum. That is not even more frustrating.

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