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New City Building Play on Free Planets



Stellar Settlers is a new game, this is the Steam Next Festival, a demo experience, and we will be able to play it here. In this title, players can create a progressive generation of planets with a functional Weltraum colony. In all these circumstances, the best of society in life could be brought together – that would result in a harmonious environment as well as feindliche Colonien, which could be extended at a later time.

Every planet in Stellar Settlers is slightly different. With your new play with environments, resources, events, Siedler, construction pods and stories. Entsprechend müssen Spieler ihr Vorgehen anpassen, with such valuable materials that can be used and combined. If we don't have to leave the sun for a while, we can create a natural environment so that the planets can be lost and they can be identified as such.

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