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Now we are in the “KI-Trailer” in Sylt



It is of course best to play GTA 6 in Vice City aka Miami. However, if the setting for the last part of the series is not possible, it is not possible to lose the large Wunschkonzert. Naturally, it is genius, but when Rockstar is used to a single German location, it is digitized – it is not realistic. Deshalb muss KI aussehen, um zu demonstrate, who würde a GTA in der Bundesrepublik. For the Experiment wählte der Youtube-Kanal Ponywurst Productions all things in Berlin or Hamburg, especially on the Insel Sylt.

So there's a GTA in Germany

Sylt war in letzter Zeit roads verschiedener Themen in der Presse. If you are a Pilgerten Punks with their German ticket on the Luxus Island, your life in the Reich will be a little more exciting. Zum others feierte Christian Linder seine Hochzeit auf Sylt, which was medial sehr enggleitet. The event is recorded in the clip. We are interested in their technical Hintergrund hat, find out in the description on Youtube that used Tools. The look of the videos remembers other KI productions and also has a great visual impact on GTA. Lustig ist die Idee aber allemal, also Film ab:

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