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Path tracing with RTX Remix always better than the Original?



If you want to use Need for Speed: Underground 2 for a long time with an RTX Remix Mod with Path Tracing in work and with a new Early Access Demo, you will have a Need for Speed: Most Wanted as a complete Modding Project. In a new video of Modder “Cycu1” on YouTube you can see that the results are also in the work of the RTX Remix Mod, which is produced with a Geforce RTX 4080 at 60 Fps with the original version.

That is who both fell RTX Remix Mods nor um a frühes Entwicklungsstadium acts, mirrors the Gezeigte nicht unbedingt the final Ergebnis wider. Since the new reflexions are affected by the development of the color grading effect in the future, the game is completely different from the original version. In addition, there are few visual disturbances and bugs that DSO Gaming reports herethat ghosting hints at the car and physical problems in connections with structure.

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