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Release later, Fps forecasts also with Frame Generation



On February 2, the Entwicklerstudio Inflexion Games is a first-time playtest with 48,000 players and a first-hand look at the upcoming Survival-Crafting-Game with UE5 data and the Server tested, “to access early-access-start for future use”. Letzterer sollte ursprünglich on 22. February stattfinden, but now could the Portalnetzwerk laut Pressemitteilung bereits zwei früher as planted in Betrieb were taken, during Nightingale schon on 20. February starts.

The Survival Experience with PvE Focus and Shared World with PCGH based on the knowledge of Gamescom due to the adjustment of the Unreal Engine 5 positive results. The modern technological developments are achieved in the context of the physical environment, which is a Victorian experience and a spectacle with a strong sense of well-being in the world of “wirklich fabelhaft”.

Nightingale: Gamescom Trailer Release Date for Early Access Start in February 2024

UE5-Grafikbombe Nightingale: Fps-Prognosen auch mit Frame Generation

I am looking for a performance forecast for the development of the software and that they are looking for hardware and information such as a standard for 45 Fps with graphics settings “Performance” and an Intel Core i5-4430 with 16 GB RAM or a Geforce GTX 1060, Radeon RX 580 or more Intel Arc A580. For 60 Fps with ultra-graphic settings in UHD resolution using a Core i9-13900 with RTX 3090 or RX 6950 XT signal. Ungewöhnlich ist indes die Angabe der erwarteten Bildrate mit Frame Generation, diemnach bei 70 respektive 110 Fps.

UE5-Grafikbombe Nightingale: Release later, Fps-Prognoses with Frame Generation


UE5-Grafikbombe Nightingale: Release later, Fps-Prognoses with Frame Generation

There are various tips regarding the improvement of performance, including the installation of the devices on a SSD, the installation of the software (including the graphics card) and the use of “cable systems and high-speed internet connections”. Additional information regarding the implementation of performance optimization can be found in these current blog articles zum Spiel.

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