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Resizable Bar UEFI Mod improves gaming on systems with alternating Intel CPUs



With the performance of the Radeon RX 6000 Series and the Ryzen 5000 CPUs in September 2020, AMD has implemented the “Smart Access Memory” (SAM) function, which supports the CPU performance of the graphics card. The current technology uses Resizable Base Address Register (rBAR) and can be achieved with the PCI Express 2.0 Standard. Want Intel and Nvidia to react to AMD's “Smart Access Memory” with new Mainboards that are compatible with Resizable Bars, be sure to have new Intel systems available. A UEFI mod on Github so now buy Abhilfe.

“ReBarUEFI is a UEFI-DXE-Treiber, so that the resizable BAR can be activated by systems, which are not fully functional. This brings new developments and is known for the Intel Arc GPUs, so that they function optimally”, writes Entwicklerin xCuri0 on GitHub. The mod changes the UEFI firmware for mainboards, including the so-called “PreprocessController” of the “PciHostBridgeResourceAllocationProtocol” function. The leased function has the potential to be compatible with the Resizable Bar-Compatibility and activation.

Screenshot of a Ivy-Bridge-Mainboards with functional Resizable-Bar-Option.

Quelle: xCuri0/ReBarUEFI

Screenshot of a Ivy-Bridge-Mainboards with functional Resizable-Bar-Option.

A look at the list of tested mainboards On the Github-Projektseite der ReBarUEFI-Mod said about the current Intel-Systeme, there were views of the Tatsache, the Resizable Bar is available in the PCI-Express 2.0-Standards version, since it was updated. First of all, the marketing of Resizable Bar as “Smart Access Memory” due to AMD has the industry of the powerful UEFI function of the brand.

If you are beached, the Resizable Bar is black and white so that you can enjoy your gaming experience while playing with your gaming devices since you have been active since the features of Nvidia and AMD are active during the game. Were you able to patch your own BIOS data on your own mainboards, find it on your GitHub and find it in English language. A PCI-Express 3.0 System can be installed in the rule patchbar signal, and a user can also patch a PCIe Gen2 System with a i5 2500K follow-up solution.

Quelle: ReBarUEFI (GitHub)

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