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Riesige Pals in Palworld: Bug oder Feature?



Palworld is one of the most popular games in the world. Not that you are interested in the survival-crafting game with a strong sense of Pokémon playing in millions of hours, but there is still little to worry about. After all, the Palworld will last longer than two weeks at the Market – and it will be in Early Access. There is a game in which Palworld can also have a few over-the-top experiences, says a message in a Reddit user for a week.

Giant Pals in Palworld – Is that normal?

Der Reddit-Nutzer “Kaityl3” erklärt, dass sein Pal Fixy immer größer wird, jedes Mal, wenn er in seine Basis zurückkehrt. Dieses Soll deutlich großer sein, als eigentlich vorgesehen and ist mittlerweiile so groß, dass Spieler es vom Weiten sehen können, wie een Screenshot darlegt. Kaityl3 replied to a Reddit thread with some questions about the fix and the underlying information regarding the “Vorfalls”.

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So now that the first additional fixation of the “Feature” is concerned, it is included in the basic package. Here, there are plenty of other things that are natural and natural as well as normal pals – so much better than Kaityl3 all things. We understand that there is a difference between the size of the normal size and the size of the screw, so that it can be understood in a box. Wird das Fixy herausgelassen, beginne das Wachstum wieder.

Palworld | MEINUNG | How about Inspiration?

Since gigantic Pals have a Feature, a Mod or yet a Bug? A Mod is not a good idea, but the Kaityl3 has a proper installation of the Mod, which has a simple effect on the palate. Vielmehr soll esich um einen Spielfehler act, who writes. See the new Patch soll der Bug jedoch nicht more aufgetreten sein.

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Das Fixy von Kaityl3 is not a matter of the single Pal, of the ungewöhnlich angewachsen ist. On Tiktok you can see a video, you can enjoy great Depresso, you can find support in Palworld. The clip has 700 comments and over 65,000 likes. Depresso enjoys the message “Status” for a higher belief in the Palworld-Community.

Quelle: RedditTikTok

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