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RTX 4090 plus 7800X3D under 350 Watt in Spielen



High End geht sparsam!

It is not always possible to gain access to new PC hardware, but the new network will also be available. Would you rather invest 600 watts in a pole with 850 or 1,000 watts? The changes are wonderful, the new graphics cards and processors, your Teile, which are also available in the low-cost environment and the gaming PCs, always with higher TDP limits. But before we get to know the main points, we should first consider the different understandings that we understand under the banner of the “Power Limit”.

If we use TDP in the context of the power consumption, then we will not be able to use the thermal design power, but in the electronics industry we will maximize our thermal energy efficiency. AMD, Intel and Nvidia use different components for typical products described: Total Board Power (TBP), Total Graphics
Power (TGP), Package Power Tracking (PPT) including all Power Limit 1 and 2 (PL1/PL2), including Alder Lake Processor Base Power and Maximum Turbo Power (PBP/MTP). TBP (AMD Radeon) and TGP (Nvidia Geforce) are responsible for the installation of the combined graphics card, including lighting, lighting and new posts, including the PCB cables or cables. PPT (AMD Processors) describes the maximum performance that a CPU can consume and is measured in watts. PPT always lies with Ryzen processors over TDP. Intel loses the Sache otherwise: The PL1 is based on the TDP, the PL2 is the day of the week, and the Intel is a CPU class for two years after 56 years, depending on the PL1 limit. PBP and MTP are set from Alder Lake PL1 and PL2 and are listed at K-CPUs: PL1=PL2, also PBP=MTP. Therefore, Intel describes a Core i9-12900K as being the same with a TDP of 125 Watts, while the CPU has a MTP of 253 Watts. The TDP is approximately 253 Watts. AMD is also not sure: A Ryzen 9 7950X comes with a TDP of 170 Watts. Der Kunde thinks, that the CPU would now be consumed with 170 Watts. Finally, the PPT jedoch bei 230 Watt. That's it, it was worth having the CPU core to be patient. If you use AMD Ryzen if you want to multiply the TDP with 1.35, then delete the PPT function of the CPU.

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Find the following themes in the article:

  • Das Ziel: maximum efficiency
  • First Haltestelle: Grafikkarte (Beispiel: Geforce RTX 4090)
  • CPU Tuning is easy (Beispiel: Ryzen 7 7800X3D)
  • UEFI Configuration in Detail: Efficiency and Performance
  • Nachmachen erlaubt – mit großartigem Ergebnis

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