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Survival Construction Sim with Demo and New Info



Momentarily the Steam Next Festival, in the form of the Rahmen auf Valves Launcher etliche Demos zu Spielen, which these next days were solved. Auf PCGH we have in the last few days a few titles, including the Auto-Survival-Spiel Pacific Drive, the RTS-Automation Oddsparks, the Weltraumcolony-Simulation Stellar Settlers, the complex City-Simulation Thrive, the Sci-Fi-RTS -Mix Stormgate is also a long-term sequel to Homeworld 3. You can enjoy playing with this exciting Project Soulmask to play.

Soulmask soll einzigartiges Konzept beets

Soulmask soll 2024 at the market place, there is no time to wait until now. The demo includes a few detailed views and can be played for 40 games. Aber Achtung: Die Entwickler von Campfire Studio empfehlen für ihren Titel einen Rechner mit 24 GiB RAM, och theoretical sollen auch 12 GiB genügen. Der Grund, wurm das Spiel einen so umfangreichen Workspeicher benötigt, dürfte der MMO-Aspect sein. Players can share a family together with other groups.

In a post on Steam set die Entwickler ihr Projekt noch eeninmal näher vor. “Wir consider our own well-developed world, which will follow their own logical and realistic rules”, he said. “Therefore, there are large variations in the regions, an immersive wet system with dynamic wet weather and the natural influences of factors such as temperature, wind and low temperature.” So the fauna adapts itself to the environment of the environment.

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