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The development of the Playstation and the Geforce 4 (PCGH-Retro, February 6)



…1959: Presentiert wurde diese Erfindung schon im Vorjahr, but erst am 6. Februar 1959 erhält Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments das Patent auf den integrierten Schaltkreis. Despite the fact that the development of the microprocessors was used, modern computer technology would be unthinkable.

…1991: Those most Spielekonsolen spoil lumpy Steckmodule as Trägermedien, but those that are enthaltenen Chips since teuer and bieten now their little Speicherkapazitäten. The fact that one is alone in the industry, after the CD-ROM production, is always more than one hundred megabytes on a single optical medium. Sega worked on a Mega CD, a CD experience for the Mega Drive, and also Nintendo recognized the trend: On February 6, 1991, Sony and Nintendo developed a solution for the development of Nintendo's Super-NES console. But since the creation is not possible, the work does not come from the market, which means that Sony and Nintendo will continue to grow – and Sony will continue to operate with the rest of the project: the Playstation.

…2002: Nvidia dominates the graphics chip market and its current position on February 6, 2002 with a new GPU generation, with the Geforce 4. Während der Geforce 4 Ti alias NV25 a Weiterentwicklung des DirectX-8-Chips Geforce 3 darstellt, basiert die Mittelklasseversion Geforce 4 MX ( NV17) with the same Geforce-2-Design – you must also include DX8-Funktionen auskommen, was die Verwirrt and Nvidia fell Kritik einbringt. However, the fourth Geforce-Generation zum Legacy: The model Ti-4600 is based on the top benchmarks of the most popular Benchmarks, which Ti-4200 is based on the current price.

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