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The Witcher 4 and Cyberpunk 2 since then



Are Starfield and new Indiana Jones games not for your Xbox, but also for your Playstation? And who knows more about the Xbox Department? Fragen über Fragen, Microsoft's Gaming Boss Phil Spencer will be able to clarify a new implementation, which will be announced for the next week. Dieser ganze Trubel geht natürlich nicht an Vertretern der Spielentwicklungs-Branche vorbei, die in der Folge das ganze.

CDPR will not have any additional platforms

From all the names of the Co-Chef of CD Projekt Red, Michał Nowakowski, we will not delete them, and we will continue to discuss them with you. “The whole exclusivity of the business is good, but there are no headlines,” writes Michał Nowakowski on Twitter. More information is available about the content of the CDPR titles with which The Witcher or Cyberpunk 2077 has never been released: “CDPR games have been developed and are available. We love the Tatsache, we can enjoy the games with them. .It lies on my own, Ihren Spielplatz zu wählen.”

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