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Von Wozniak's Absturz und dem Cell-Prozessor (PCGH Retro 7. Februar)



…1981: As the founder of the Apple company and the developer of the global computer, Steve Wozniak has become a reicher Mann. But “Woz” was not yet there, it was not possible to send millions, and in the strong future the company would not be more active. If you are satisfied, you will receive a small flight, with them on 7 February 1981 for a free flight. However, if the flight starts at the start, Wozniak will be lost in the hospital for a while. Long-lasting sorrows are not lost, but they are lost for a long time. If the patient is ill, he or she will have a good time, and the rest of the time, and you will be able to enjoy your new food.

…2005: In common, Sony, IBM and Toshiba presented the specifications of the cell processors on February 7, 2005. There is a 64-bit power processor from IBM, which functions as a Steuereinheit, even eight Recheneinheiten (“Synergistic Processing Elements”, such as SPEs) best and Taktfrequenzen up to 4 GHz are available. Eingesetzt wird der Cell zunächst in Blade-Servern von IBM, später verwendet Sony die Chips in der Playstation 3 – dort allethings with nur jeweils sieben activierten Recheneinheiten.

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