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Next Battlefield Will Revert Changes From Battlefield 2042, According To Rumor

It is no surprise to anyone that Battlefield 2042the latest installment in the first-person shooter saga from Electronic Arts and DICE, has not been well received between the players. Those responsible consider that the coronavirus pandemic and comparisons with other games have been partly to blame for this poor reception, but the truth is that the community has complained about other aspects that have even led them to start petitions for signatures to get the return For the tranquility of the fans, a rumor affirms that all these unpopular changes of the new installment could be corrected in the next game.

has been the insider Tom Henderson who has shared new confidential information on Xfire. In them he explains that the developers of Battlefield 2042 have learned “valuable lessons” of the bad launch that this installment has had and ensures that the next Battlefieldwhich would already be in the pre-production phase, is going to back off some of the changes that have occurred in the last game, although it does not specify exactly what they might be.

What changes should the new Battlefield?

Among the main complaints of the community, in addition to the lack of content with which Battlefield 2042 hit the market, we met with criticism of the specialist system and towards massive games of up to 128 players that are filled with bot when there aren’t enough, which can happen quite often considering the game has fewer concurrent players on Steam than previous installments in the franchise.


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