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Next Sonic title could do without Boost


Next Sonic title could do without Boost

The blue hedgehog sonic has stood for one thing above all for over 30 years: speed. Whether it’s Spin Dash or Boost, he dashes through the levels much faster than most of his other genre colleagues. Also in the current offshoot Sonic Frontiers he reaches the other end of the huge islands in no time at all. But that might change in the next game in the series.

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Morio Kishimoto, Director of Sonic Frontiers, replied to a question about Spin Dash and Boost on Twitter. Although the boost in Sonic Frontiers was installed, be open to a sonicgame without making this one. Of course, this would entail changes in level design, as has already been the case with Sonic adventure had been the case.

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Daniel Witt

As a moderator, he used to ensure that everything was done properly in the forum. When PSNOW started five years ago, he mutated into an editor. Away from work and video games, thanks to his two daughters, he can really live out the child in man again. LEGO rocks!

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