Next Year’s Most Horrifying Game Is Like Playing Death Stranding Drunk, But It Comes From An Absolute Genius | Top News

next year's most horrifying game is like playing death stranding

Tom Henry

Next Year’s Most Horrifying Game Is Like Playing Death Stranding Drunk, But It Comes From An Absolute Genius | Top News

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When Devolver Digital does his conferences, we usually expect a high degree of bizarre and atypical games. Even with that mindset, nothing had prepared me for the new of bennett foddy: Baby Steps, and the truth is that it looks like it can be a horror, a genius or both at the same time.

Despite not reaching the level of renown of other authors such as Hideo Kojima, Bennett Foddy has spent years iterating on the same concept: video games in which movement is intentionally as complex as it is crude. His previous title, Getting Overy It With Bennett Foddy became a viral hit given his absurd nature (you are a man in a cauldron who can only move by propelling himself with a hammer), and it seems that his new creation is aimed at be something similar

In Baby Steps, you’re going to embody what is possibly one of the most absurd video game protagonists we’ve ever seen.: a nini who does nothing with his life and is, by chance, transported to a world where he will face the toughest challenge he has ever seen: walk by yourself.

having to control step by step whatever our character does, Baby Steps looks like an experience that can range from horrible to unexpectedly curious or enriching. As with Getting Over It, the new Bennett Foddy has the potential to, depending on how it’s written, go in completely unexpected directions.

From Devolver they have wanted to emphasize their dynamic soundtrack composed of 420 different rhythms, some real-size scenarios in which a mountain will be much more than a procedure, caps not collectibles and… dynamic monkey spotting system for baby. I don’t really know what to think after writing these lines, but there it is.

At the moment, Baby Steps does not have a specific release date, although we do know that it will arrive throughout the coming year. What can we expect from such a strange premise? Time will tell. I, personally, am impatient to see where such a strange game goes.

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