NH-D15 Gen 2, Direct Die kit, Offset AM5, A14x25

nh d15 gen 2, direct die kit, offset am5, a14x25

Tom Henry

NH-D15 Gen 2, Direct Die kit, Offset AM5, A14x25

It was one of the big draws of Computex 2023 because many of its products were delayed. We saw it at CES 2023 in January via a new roadmap, so 4 months later, have you really been able to meet the deadlines? Well yes, everything points to yes, because the stand that we have visited in the Computex 2023 by Noctua It has been really revealing, with very interesting news.

There is a lot to tell really, so we will be brief so that this article serves as an introduction to what we will see in the second half of the year in the form of official presentations with all the details. To open our mouths, we are going to go really strong, which product is the most anticipated?

Noctua at Computex 2023, finally, the long-awaited NH-D15 Gen 2

Noctua Computex 2023 (13)

That will be its name, although technically it is specified as 2nd Generation of NH-D15, for short, NH-D15 Gen 2. As we can see, it will have the brand’s new 140mm fans with better P/Q, which we’ll talk about later. In its fins the fin pitch has been reduced from 1.9 mm to only 1.6mm.

This will help improve vortices that are generated at the blade tips and will improve static pressure by being closer to the frame. As if that were not enough, it has been possible to enter 2 more heat pipesso now this new generation will have 8 heat pipes in total.

The layout has also been improved towards the top PCIe of motherboards gaining 9mm that already definitely make it compatible with any model.

Finally, you will mount the system Torx SecuFirm2+ with a system that we will see now called Offset AM5. Will include thermal paste NT-H2 and NA-TPG1 such as Thermal paste guard. When will it arrive? Well, in a year, unfortunately.

New 140mm fans

Noctua Computex 2023 (23)

It was a promise of the brand and we have finally been able to see them in great detail. In principle they should be called W14x25, but they are not classified as such. They will arrive at the beginning of next year and will be manufactured like the A12x25, that is, with Sterrox LCP. Apart from what was said above, this version differs from the heatsink in that it has a traditional frame and that allows you to enter details such as flow accelerators, AAO-Frameamong other things.

Noctua Computex 2023 (25)

As you can see from the P/Q graph, performance has skyrocketed while loudness has dropped by almost the same proportion, since loudness is logarithmic as such in terms of dBA (the decibel is a logarithmic unit). base ten). This fan has been developed during 5 yearsso the jump in performance is well deserved for so much time worked in the laboratory.

Offset Mounting for AM5

Noctua Computex 2023 (29)

It is something as simple as it is attractive in Noctua’s presentation at Computex 2023. It is nothing more than a mounting system (which will already include the NH-D15 Gen 2 as standard) that moves many Noctua heatsinks for AM5 in 7mm. The goal is to place the cold plate as close to the center of the CCDs of any Ryzen 7000.

Why move the heatsink towards these? Well, for something that in liquid cooling we have been clear about for many years with the water blocks in mode goofyand it is nothing more than centering the cold plate at the optimal point of heat generation.

Noctua Computex 2023 (30)

It will have two positions: 0mm or -7mm, which means that it can be installed in the traditional way in its original position, where the IHS will be in the center of the cold plate, or in Goofy mode, displaced by 7 mm towards the CCDs. Performance? We will gain between 1ºC and 3º C, an improvement that in liquid cooling is almost double, so it is a great job by Noctua without a doubt. It will arrive this June for 4.9 euros from Amazonand it will be black.

Of course, the heatsinks that come out from now on for AM5 will have it as standard.

Noctua Computex 2023 (11)

This system is also included in the new Direct Die Contacta system that reduces the height of the heatsink and its anchorage to make contact with the CCDs in the air when deliding AM5 processors.

Fans and heatsinks for Threadripper

Noctua Computex 2023 (46)

A cluster of different sensations here. And it is that we have from the new fan of 4 cm and 24 volts with PWMwhich now includes the Flow Acceleration and an SSO version 2all in 10mm thickideal for replacement of low-quality fans in 3D printers, up to the new 60mm A-series.

Noctua Computex 2023 (43)

The latter is a miniature A12x25 (A6x15), with 6cm in diameter and 15mm thick, and integrates AAO Frame, SSO2 and 5V and 12V versions, a cute one. Lastly, and to finish off Noctua’s stand at Computex 2023, we have the two new heatsinks for AMD Threadripper.

Noctua Computex 2023 (1)

They will be based on NH-14S TR4-SP3 and the NH-9D DX-4677 4U. The main improvements start from a better, larger contact surface, which now occupies 70x56mm and completely covers the entire IHS, improving cooling. In addition, they now integrate two fans as standard and come with the NT-H2 pre applied in addition to the system SecuFirm2 for its anchorage.

As a final detail, Noctua has created a beverage can cooler that it has called cuulawhich to cool the peltier cells that it integrates has a A12x25 and an A4x10. can cool down to 7 drinks of 250 ml up to 5ºC in 40 minutes, almost without making noise. An interesting detail that many will like.

Noctua Computex 2023 (2)

These two models will arrive in October of this year. As expected, except for the Offset, none of the products has a price, which will be revealed at its official presentation on the respective dates.

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