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Nier: Automata Ver1.1a Anime Temporarily Suspended Production

Although it seems that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is behind us, 3 years after the first cases in Europe, many aspects of life worldwide continue to be altered or suffer the consequences of all of this. In fact, even the spikes in cases alter calendars or expected launches in the world of culture as well. This has been the case with the recently released anime of Yoko Taro’s work, Nier: Automata Ver1.1a.

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And it is that the studio in charge of the production of this anime has reported the interruption of the production of the series after only 3 episodes premiered, due to the rebound in cases of Covid-19 in Japan. Chapter 4 and following now appear on the web with an air date “TBD.” The production committee also apologizes to viewers for the inconvenience and appreciates their understanding at this time.

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It is clear that even if we are recovering a more or less normal life, we must not let our guard down with the pandemic.

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Nier: Automata Ver1.1a