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Nikke x Chainsaw Man: this is how Makima, and Power are in the game

The popular and controversial game ‘gacha’ joins the ‘crossover’ fever. They recently announced that Goddess of Victory: Nikke will have a collaboration with the ‘anime’ and ‘manga’ Chainsaw Man that will allow us to get and control Makima and Power in the game.

We are going to reveal everything we know about this ‘crossover’ and we will update this note as more information emerges. Let’s see the trailer of the event.


Initially it had been believed that Himeno would also be a playable character. We are not sure if it will no longer be or if it will come later.

When does the collaboration start? Goddess of Victory: Nikke with Chainsaw Man?

Maintenance for the new update should end on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 around 5:00 pm (Colombia, Peru and Ecuador time). It will be available until March 15.

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Like Nikke, Makima uses a submachine gun with the ‘Water’ element. He is a Defender type and has level II ability ‘Burst’.

All about the Goddess of Victory: Nikke collaboration with Chainsaw Man: date, how to get Makima, Power, Himeno and what are their abilities.

His abilities are the following:

  • Show me what you got (passive)– Increases reload speed by 36.96% and defense by 14.78% for 10 seconds. Activates when attacked 20 times and affects all allies.
  • Looks like they found me (passive): Attracts attacks from enemies for 3 seconds after performing 120 normal attacks. Gain Indomitability for 7 seconds and reduce the cost of your Burst ability after taking lethal damage.
  • Can you keep quiet? (active, 20 second cooldown)– Gain piercing for 10 seconds and recover 34.02% damage from attacks as health over 10 seconds. During Indomitability, increases the Potency of Health by 41.02% for 10 seconds.

In the following tweet you can see what Makima looks like when she attacks in Goddess of Victory: Nikke. You can also take a look at his bizarre weapon

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Makima is a character SSR.


In Nikki, Power uses grenade launcher with ‘Fire’ element. He is an Attacker type and has level III ‘Burst’ skill.

All about the Goddess of Victory: Nikke collaboration with Chainsaw Man: date, how to get Makima, Power, Himeno and what are their abilities.

His abilities are the following:

  • Blood Monster (Passive): Increases attack by 6.4% when on a full charge. Stacks up to 5 times and lasts for 3 seconds.
  • Blood Blast (Passive): Increases the radius of the explosion by 38.61% for 10 seconds. Used when you have all blood monster stacks after making 18 normal attacks
  • Blood Hammer (Active, 10 second cooldown): Deals 1584% normal attack damage to the enemy with the highest attack.
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power is a character SSR.


How to get Makima and Power from Chainsaw Man in Goddess of Victory: Nikke

These Demon Slayers are exclusive characters in a collaborative gacha that will be available for a limited time. Of course, its appearance rate will be very low. We hope you have enough crystals in reserve.

There is a 2% chance to get either Makima or Power with a ‘pull’ in their respective gachas, which will be available for a limited time until March 15, 2023. Making a ‘pull’ costs 1 recruitment ticket or 300 gems.

Other collaboration news

In addition to the new characters Makima and Power, the collaboration of Chainsaw Man with Nikki added to the game:

  • A new battle pass ‘anime’ theme with free and paid routes. The main reward is an avatar frame.
  • The Bullet Chainsaw limited time campaign.

Remember that this game is already available for PC and here we tell you how to download it.

Fountain: Official English account of the game on Twitter