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Nintendo adds access key support to its accounts

nintendo adds access key support to its accounts

It seems that there is news in Nintendo accounts. In this case we are talking about news related to this Nintendo Switch system.

Specifically, it appears that Nintendo has updated the policy for these accounts with some additional features. The company has announced an update to its security measures to protect user accounts and comply with European privacy standards. The company has implemented a new login method that uses access keys instead of traditional passwords. This system is optional and can be managed from the account settings of each user.


The use of access keys is intended to make login more efficient and secure. By implementing this method, Nintendo collects both personal and device information from the user for verification, customer service, and fraud prevention purposes. The company has updated its privacy policy to include details about this new form of verification.

Access keys in Nintendo Accounts

Nintendo ensures that the management of user data is carried out with the utmost care and complies with strict privacy regulations. Although no action is required from users, the company encourages everyone to review the updated privacy policy to be aware of these changes. The introduction of passkeys is part of an ongoing effort by Nintendo to keep user accounts as secure as possible.


You can register and manage access keys in the access key settings of your Nintendo Account. If you want to learn more about how access keys work and why they are a convenient and very secure verification method, follow this link.

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