‘Nintendo is lying to you’ – Zelda fan claims displayed weapon damage in TotK is nonsense

'nintendo is lying to you' zelda fan claims displayed

Tom Henry

‘Nintendo is lying to you’ – Zelda fan claims displayed weapon damage in TotK is nonsense

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Nintendo seems to be cheating on weapon damage values ​​in Zelda TotK.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom shows us in the menu which weapons deal how much damage. That’s what the numerical value is for. However, as a dataminer has now apparently found out, these numbers are not correct at all – at least not always. One weapon category actually deals even more damage than stated and another less.

The damage values ​​​​in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are probably not always correct

“Nintendo lies to you”: This is how a Redditor describes the findings of the Zelda dataminer Echo-BotW. These revolve around the damage weapons do and are based on in-game data.

These damage values ​​from the game code surprisingly only partially match what is shown to us players in the game. Apparently it depends on the category of weapons:

  • One-handed weapons do not deviate from the displayed attack value, everything is correct here.
  • Two-handed weapons but probably do more damage than stated. The displayed menu value corresponds to the actual damage taken times 0.95. In other words, you are 5% stronger.
  • spears do less damage than stated. And that’s a proud 33%! So the values ​​in the menu are significantly higher than what can actually be dealt with the spears.

Why all this? This is exactly what many fans are scratching their heads about right now. So far, there is no official explanation for this. Accordingly, most players are at a loss and wonder why Nintendo specifies different values ​​here.

Is it about DPS? One explanation is that the damage values ​​displayed are already trying to take into account the speed of the individual weapons. Two-handers are slower and accordingly do not do as much damage per second (DPS = damage per second). With spears it is exactly the opposite, they are extremely fast.

All of this should actually mean that the here the calculated damage values ​​are even higher lay:

In Zelda TotK, there is no longer a way to display opponents’ life energy in hard numbers (as was the case in Zelda BotW), but you can still test the damage values. A standard red bokblin apparently has 25 life. With a 25 value one-handed weapon, you’ll take him down instantly and with just one hit. However, a spear must have a value of 34 and a two-handed sword only 24.

Have the values ​​ever seemed strange to you? What could possibly be the reason for this?

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