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Nintendo replenishes stock of the Nintendo 64 controller for Nintendo Switch

The special Nintendo 64 controller designed specifically for Nintendo Switch is back in stock at My Nintendo Store at a discounted price. price of 49.99 euros. As we told you at the time, the controller is designed for all those nostalgic players who prefer to enjoy the video game catalog of the veteran 64-bit console available on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack in the same way as they did with the Nintendo Switch Online. original system. We remember, of course, that the titles of the subscription service can also be enjoyed with the Pro controller and the Joy-Con, so the N64 controller is more of an accessory.


This Nintendo 64 controller is completely wireless unlike the original and it is a very faithful replica in terms of desEsports Extrasand distribution of buttons of the original released decades ago, something that the most veteran gamers will greatly appreciate. Like the special Sega Mega Drive controller, it is possible to connect up to two controllers at the same time to the same console to enjoy all those video games that allow local play for two players.

Super Mario 64 from Super Mario 3D All-Stars is compatible with the controller

Super Mario 3D All-Stars, it is a collection that we find impossible not to recommend. Yes, as a compilation and remastering it leaves something to be desired and could have been done much better, but that doesn’t mean we’re not talking about three games that, even without tweaking of any kind, are still essential and far superior to the vast majority of productions that can be found. in the market. A trio of unique adventures that we can now finally play in high definition and without any kind of problem on an accessible and current console, something that alone already more than justifies its purchase for anyone who is even the least bit interested in enjoying a game for the first time. these jewels or want to rediscover them again after so many years”, we conclude in our analysis of this compilation that includes Super Mario 64a title compatible with the N64 controller.