Nintendo Switch 2 will be affected by this new European battery law

Tom Henry

nintendo switch 2 will be affected by this new european

This news could directly affect Nintendo. We are talking about a legal change in Europe that the successor to Nintendo Switch should take into account.

Specifically, it is a law that establishes that it will be mandatory for portable consoles have replaceable battery from 2027. This means that Nintendo Switch 2 should already have this system.

This is what is legally established:

  • The European Union has implemented this new regulation for portable game consoles such as Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck.
  • From 2027these consoles will be required to have replaceable batteries.
  • The news is expected to affect the successor to Nintendo Switch and future Valve products.
  • According to Games Industry, manufacturers will need to make batteries accessible to consumers.
  • To replace batteries, consumers can use specialized or commercially available tools.
  • Manufacturers will also need to provide instructions and safety information for battery replacement.
  • Android Central informs that the regulation will also be extended to tablets and phones from 2027.

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