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Nintendo Switch: a new free game for subscribers, it’s high class!

nintendo switch: a new free game for subscribers, it's high

Like almost every month, Nintendo Switch Online allows you to test a full game for a few days. The lucky winner of July 2023 is now available.


Expanding your horizons and discovering new games without breaking the bank has never been easier. Regardless of the platform of your choice, each manufacturer and publisher goes out of its way to allow you to get your hands on free games or test new ones at no additional cost. The PS Plus has its trio of monthly productions, the Xbox Live Gold its duo and the Nintendo Switch Online is not left out. The members of the subscription can each month, except exceptions, test the entirety of a game given within the framework of the program “Game on the test”. The one for July is available, and it will be the perfect relaxation break for this summer.

New “free” game with Nintendo Switch Online

New month, new game playable for free for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Big N continues its initiative to introduce new productions to the millions of members of its service. The “Jeu à l’essai” program is a resounding success as it showcases productions from all walks of life. Independent titles, exclusives, AAA games… there’s something for everyone and all genres are represented. To decompress this summer, make way for simulation and offbeat management. It will in fact be Two Point Campus which will be the next free playable game for Nintendo Switch Online members.

From July 3 to 9, 2023, it is therefore one of the tenors of management games will be fully playable. Remember that the “Game on Trial” program allows you to take advantage of the base game and all of its free updates, without any restrictions in terms of content and features. Downloading the game is already available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. This essay is a bit shorter than some other times, but it’s more than enough to get a feel for this quirky management game that might almost make you want to go back to school. Well still not, but as Camille summed it up so well it’s a “funny, deep, completely uninhibited” game with enough content to allow you nice relaxing breaks.


What is Two Point Hospital?

If you are not familiar with the genre, a short presentation of Two Point Campus is in order. In this crazy management game, you have to build and develop your own university. It’s up to you to choose the educational environment of your establishment, its educational infrastructures or the crazy and eccentric courses for your students. From the school of chivalry, to salivary gastronomy (who doesn’t want to learn how to make giant pizzas?), it’s up to you to see what disciplines your students will develop. The management part is not left out with a recruitment part of the staff to teach, manage and keep the university, when the students will regularly express their needs. A game that never fails to renew itself, especially since each new campus has its own atmospheres and quirks. In short, a very nice program for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

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