Nintendo Switch confirms its smallest controller

nintendo switch confirms its smallest controller

Tom Henry

Nintendo Switch confirms its smallest controller

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Looks like we have a new controller for Nintendo fans. We are talking in this case about news focused on this Nintendo Switch controller.

Specifically, it is about a new 8BitDo micro controller. These are the details:

  • Controller with weight of 24.8 grams.
  • Dimensions: 72 x 40.7 x 14.1mm.
  • Ideal for 2D games thanks to the d-pad.
  • 16 buttons in total.
    • They include: A, B, X, Y, Plus, Minus, Star, Checkered Flag, Shoulder Pads, and Triggers.
    • It has mode change buttons.
  • Autonomy of about 10 hours.
  • Charging time: 1-2 hours via USB-C.
  • It can be used while charging.
  • Compatible with Switch, Android and Raspberry Pi.
  • Available on Amazon in blue and green colors.
  • You can check its availability here.

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