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Nintendo Switch confirms new controller: Date, price and features

nintendo switch confirms new controller: date, price and features

This accessory will certainly interest users of Nintendo. It is a new licensed accessory for Nintendo Switch that is very curious.

Specifically, it is about Nitro Deckwhich offers an alternative form of control and promises “zero drift”. The details that we have been able to know are the following:

  • The September 18, 2023 for Nintendo Switch.
  • This is an alternative control option for the standard Nintendo Switch and the OLED model, designed for comfort and speed with zero drift.
  • It allows you to play both at home and on the go, casually or competitively.
  • The Nitro Deck includes a premium carrying case, 2.5m USB-C cable, and joystick caps.
  • It has characteristics for Nintendo Switch as:
    • Ergonomic desEsports Extrasfor comfort.
    • It has no drift thanks to the Hall effect sticks.
    • Ultra-low latency thanks to direct connection via USB-C.
    • Interchangeable joystick toppers.
    • Remappable rear buttons.
    • Option to charge while you play (plug-n-charge).
    • Wired mode to use it as an additional controller.
    • Support to play.
    • The Nitro Deck connects to the CRKD Companion app through the “True Collection System” to establish digital proof of physical ownership and register your product in your secure CRKD collection.

Fans interested in the CRKD Nitro Deck can pre-order it now, with prices ranging from between $60 and $90. You can check their availability at this link. You can also take a look at these videos on Nintendo Switch:

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