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Nintendo Switch: Fish accidentally buys credit in the eShop and the whole thing is filmed

A fish buys its owner credit for the Nintendo eShop.  It doesn't get any more bizarre today.

A fish buys its owner credit for the Nintendo eShop. It doesn’t get any more bizarre today.

To make Pokemon Crimson & Crimson more of a challenge, there are numerous challenges like Nuzlocke or Colormon. An aquarium owner has come up with something very special and has already beaten the top 4 in Pokemon Sapphire with the help of his fish. His next goal is to successfully complete Pokemon Crimson. However, a game crash allowed the fish to wreak havoc and shave a few yen off the owner.


Fish buy eShop credit

What happened? After Pokemon Crimson crashed, the fish were navigating the Nintendo Switch menu. For example, they changed the username or bought a new avatar for the owner with platinum points:

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But in between, the fish even managed to get into the eShop and buy some credit using the credit card they had on file. The owner was lucky because the fish only bought 500 yen, which is about 3.50 euros.

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How is that even possible? The fish are recorded using a camera and a sensor. Depending on which square of the large grid the fish are in, a specific button on the controller is pressed. This allows the fish to navigate through entire games using the command prompts.

The game crash is just one of many bugs that Pokemon Crimson/Crimson have struggled with since launch. In the following test video you will learn more about the technical weaknesses, but also about the strengths of the new generation:


Pokemon Crimson + Crimson - Test video for the first open world Pokemon

10:00 a.m


Pokemon Crimson & Crimson – Test video for the first open world Pokemon

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Nintendo is accommodating

After the fish also downloaded the N64 module, to the owner’s relief, they turned off the Nintendo Switch. The entire action ran via a live stream and amused numerous viewers.

But since the owner was not present, he only noticed the accident seven hours later. Even though the fish only spent €3.50, he still wanted Nintendo to refund the money.


Did it work out? In fact: Nintendo was accommodating and gave the owner back his 3.50 euros. The justification that his fish bought the credit by mistake probably caused smiling faces in the company.

What do you think of the bizarre story?