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Nintendo Switch OLED vs Nintendo Switch: know their differences

We face the Nintendo Switch OLED against the original console to make a comparison and think for yourselves if you consider that it has a fair price. And what better way to do it than starting with its advantages, which is what mainly differentiates it from the Switch? We will detail the differences and delve into the strengths Y weaknesses of the OLED version. The intention of this article is not to tell you if it is worth buying the console, but to give you the necessary information and throw some questions. This way we will give you the tools to reflect.

The strongest point of Nintendo Switch OLED is your screen 7 inches versus 6.2 inches on the original console. In addition, it is an OLED screen that, unlike the LCD screens of the Switch, the pixels can emit their own light individually. In this way, we obtain much more intense colors. And you can see it!

Following with the strengths, we have an internal storage of 64gb, while the normal version has 32 gb. Both are expandable with a micro SD. To understand if this is a lot or a little, we will have to take the weight of some video games as an example: Zelda: Breath of the Wild (13.4gb), Splatoon 3 (4.3gb), Animal Crossing: New Horizons (6.2gb), super mario odyssey (5.7gb) or Kirby and the Forgotten Land (5.6gb). Therefore, on average they usually occupy approximately 5 GB. Also, it should be taken into account that the operating system also takes up space, being more exact 6.2 gb.

Another notable point is the audio enhancement. Although it is somewhat difficult to notice when gaming, the built-in speakers are optimized. On the other hand, Nintendo Switch OLED is incorporated one wired LAN port to play online more efficiently and thus get rid of the problems that a Wi-Fi connection can cause. It’s also notable that the charging time is around three hours in standby mode, compared to three and a half hours in the original version, although it’s not a very striking improvement.

Nintendo Switch OLED














Finally, a small change can be mentioned that significantly improves the player’s experience: an adjustable support to the angle you prefer to play by placing the Nintendo Switch OLED in a table. The original version has only a small support very impractical.

And now let’s talk about its possible weaknesses

Nintendo Switch OLED It costs €349, €50 more than the original version currently. It is normal that it is more expensive because it is an improved console, but one wonders if the strengths are worth that price.

Although its advantages may be attractive, Nintendo Switch OLED it does not improve its performance. And although this may really make sense, there are some aspects that we could show as weaknesses. For example, we have a bigger screen, but no resolution enhancement: Both stay at 1280×720. Some video games are much more enjoyable on Nintendo Switch OLED thanks to its screen, but may fall short to keep some features of the original version, like its battery.

So do the advantages of Nintendo Switch OLED topple the original version or not?

It is very difficult to mention the weaknesses of Nintendo Switch OLED without falling into subjectivism, since the strengths are the improvements that the console clearly has, while the weaknesses they have more to do with our expectations and what we want the console to be. Before it came out, there were rumors in the community about a possible nintendo switchpro that finally turned out not to exist, which would supposedly have 4K and a strong improvement in its performance. So, leaving aside the expectations that one may have, we must ask ourselves if we would pay the price he has for his advantage. are their strengths in combination with its price which makes us decide to buy it or not, and comparing it with the original version and its current price.

You can consult all the technical characteristics of Nintendo Switch OLED on the official website of Nintendo. The console has been available on the market since October 8, 2021. On the other hand, its original version arrived on March 3, 2017, which, having already five years behind it, has kept its price

And you? What is your opinion? What would you say are the strengths Y weaknesses of Nintendo Switch OLED?


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