Nintendo Switch: this feature that nobody wants is coming

nintendo switch: this feature that nobody wants is coming

Tom Henry

Nintendo Switch: this feature that nobody wants is coming

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Over the years, the Nintendo Switch has gone through changes and evolutions. However, for the players, not all are necessarily going in the right direction.

The Nintendo Switch, like any video game console, benefits from software developments over time. If the majority of them are well received by the players, some leave them more skeptical. This is the case with this update, which specifically concerns the anti-cheat solution that PC players dread…

The Nintendo Switch is not spared

On PC, there is a term that is enough to make many players shudder: Denuvo. Denuvo is an anti-piracy protection technology (DRM) designed to prevent illegal copying of video games. Since its introduction, Denuvo has been integrated into many games to prevent them from being hacked for the first few weeks or months. For what ? Because it is during this period that sales are generally the most important.

However, despite its popularity in the industry, it is subject to controversy. Some users and developers have expressed concern about its potential impact on game performance, suggesting that its presence could slow down or impair the smooth running of protected titles. Additionally, many feel that they are unfairly impacted by anti-piracy measures, even after a legitimate purchase, as they must go through regular checks of their access rights. A discussion that has persisted for many years and which today could affect the Nintendo Switch.

Problems ahead?

The company itself broke the news on X (formerly Twitter), as seen in the excerpt below:

Denuvo protection software is now available to developers creating games for the Switch through Nintendo’s portal. In its press release, the company claims that its solution integrates “seamlessly into the dev toolchain without affecting the gameplay experience“… This is obviously a new step forward in Nintendo’s fight against emulation. The Japanese giant indeed wishes to do everything possible to dissuade players from turning to this option. Big N actually wishes to offer its own solutions, which is understandable. This is what we could learn through Shuntaro Furukawa (president of Nintendo) not long ago.

This initiative by Nintendo for the Switch also illustrates the growing determination of video game companies to protect their works. By partnering with Denuvo, recognized for its effectiveness in DRM protection, Nintendo hopes to offer a more secure platform, thus reducing the risk of piracy. How will this affect the player experience? And how far will companies go to protect their games? Only time will tell if this collaboration will be beneficial for everyone.

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