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Nintendo warns Switch players about a new danger that may affect the console


Nintendo warns Switch players about a new danger that may affect the console

Condensation is an emerging problem for systems like Nintendo Switch and the Japanese company urges extreme caution with it.

Nintendo warns Switch players about a new danger that may affect the console
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Nintendo Switch is approaching its sixth anniversary and everything indicates that it can become the best selling console of all time. According to the latest reports, the Japanese company would already be focusing on the next-generation console, which will succeed the current one, although no major changes are expected in order to continue maintaining the brutal park of players it currently has. In fact, the company would have canceled the arrival of Nintendo Switch Pro so that make that transition as smooth as possible. However, six years later, certain problems are still being found with the hybrid machine and on this occasion Nintendo itself warns about condensation.

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Through the company’s official Twitter account, Nintendo Switch users have been warned about this problem, urging them to turn off the console instead of putting it to sleep if detected. Apparently, the console can generate certain drops of water, so it is recommended to move it to a warm place where they can disappear before damaging the system. What Nintendo does not make clear is whether these drops of water arise from humidity at the top of the screen or why the air inside Switch condenses into water droplets.

Condensation is unlikely to affect consoles at this point, since the refrigeration and its ventilation system prevent this from happening. However, it is especially striking that Nintendo has to issue this warning, although it is probably only about a preventive measure in extreme cases.

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Nintendo Switch will increase its production for at least one more year

Although, as we mentioned earlier, Nintendo is already thinking about the next system that will succeed Switch for the next generation, the Japanese company is also production of the current machine is increasing, precisely to try to achieve that goal of being the best-selling console in history. According to several reports, Nintendo is carrying out the necessary processes for at least one more year.

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It will be necessary to see if they finally manage to reach this goal, since the progression of the machine is fantastic up to this point and If the forecasts about the next console in 2024 are met, everything indicates that it will earn a place in history.

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