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Nintendo will not attend E3 2023, as it does not “fit their plans”

In the world of consoles, we have Nintendo as the absolute sales leader with its Switch portable, Sony with its PS5 and Xbox in third place with Series X and S. The announcement and launch of new video games for any of these consoles is very important to continue increasing sales and drive them to a new level. Knowing the importance of this and after announcing a E3 face-to-face this 2023it seems strange that Nintendo have decided that they will not attend to present new games.

It is strange from our point of view, because as players we see it as logical that events of this type are used to announce new releases. However, a report from Kotaku published in January already warned that neither Sony, nor Microsoft nor Nintendo were going to attend E3 2023. Of sony we expected it, since he decided not to attend the events of the E3 from 2019. By MicrosoftPhil Spencer already told us that they preferred to make presentations on their own and They have not confirmed that they will attend official events from E3. But in the case of Nintendo This one had been in favor of presenting their games, even when the event was only digital we saw that they did a direct (E3 2021).

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Nintendo admits that the E3 2023 event was not in its plans

Nintendo Switch Mario Kart

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, is the most important video game convention in the industry. This is where most companies take the opportunity to advertise their latest video gamespresent or future releases, along with software and hardware news. The first time it was held was in 1995 and it wasn’t until the pandemic hit that they had to cancel the event and present it exclusively digitally.

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Fortunately and since we are already in a better situation regarding COVID-19, the E3 2023 held in June of this year announced that it would be face-to-face. This is always good news and we prefer these types of conventions to be held this way, but you have to remember that we will not see anything from Nintendo. It is confirmed that he will not attend E3 this year, since it was not in his plans.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will make game presentations on their own

PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo E3 2023

That Nintendo has made the decision not to be present at the most important video game fair in the world does not mean that new releases will not arrive. And it is that, in the remainder of the year, it is likely that another Nintendo Direct to present new titles in summer. The same can be said of both Microsoft and Sony, which have not confirmed their attendance or absence at E3 2023, so for the moment they will go on their own and they will announce future games and release with their own events.

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Speaking of sonya couple of weeks ago we already reported that the announcement of a State of Play in March at the end It was celebrated this February 23. In addition, it was also indicated that before E3 the Japanese would hold a PlayStation Showcase before E3 2023. Therefore, although it does not have a presence at the video game conference, announcements of new releases should arrive.

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